Games on the Windows 7 Phone

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We have come to rely on our phones for almost everything. Whether it is our grocery list, calendar, e-mail, or social media profile, we use our phones for much more than phone calls these days. However, one of the most used features of any on the Windows 7 Phone is gaming. Entertainment and fun on-the-go is the name of the game!

Buying Games in the Marketplace

Buying on your phone is the easiest way to shop the marketplace. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Tap Marketplace. You may need to use your Windows Live ID to sign in.
  • Go into Apps or Games to see the offerings.
  • Touch and slide to the right or left to browse categories and check out the newest and featured apps.
  • Tap the game or app that you want.
  • If it is a paid app, tap Buy
  • Wait for the app to download. This may take a few minutes.

Play with Friends

If the game you have chosen has the capability to be played with a friend (they don’t all have that capacity, so check) then follow these simple steps to invite a buddy to play with you:

  • Tap Games
  • Tap on a game to open it and look for a button to send an invite. Follow the game’s cues.

If you would like to accept a request:

  • Tap Games
  • Flick to Requests
  • Tap the invitation to accept
  • If you don’t have the game on your phone, tap the invitation and you will be sent to the Marketplace to purchase or download the game.

Games Hub

Here is a quick guide to navigating the Games Hub

The Collection is where all of your games are.

Xbox LIVE is where you can access information about your accounts, scores and more.

Requests is a place to view invitations or see if it is your turn, when playing with friends.

Spotlight is where you can find the latest info and dish on games.

Rate and Review Games

Rating and/or reviewing games and apps is so simple.

  • Find the game in your collection.
  • Tap and hold the game.
  • Tap on rate and review, when it appears.
  • Rate and review!

There is absolutely nothing to downloading, purchasing, sharing, inviting and reviewing. It’s all very simple and user-friendly. If you are having trouble, reference the above steps or check out a popular review like BetSafe casino to see how it’s done. However, it should be relatively intuitive.


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