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Evernote is one of most popular note taking app. It long has been one of the leading apps for entrepreneur and users around the world. Now windows phone has app designed specifically to this platform. While this app hardly needs introduction, we can analyze more what specifically windows phone app can do. Firstly you can now pin your important messages to phone screen, which allows reaching your most important notes faster. Windows app is differ for app designed for IPhone and Android users, although it might be personal choice, but Windows phone app seems most comfortable and clear to use. However it has some glitches, like search option while you are in a note is only provided in that note, so you have to go to home page to have full search. Also it doesn’t do search in images. Taking everything in to consideration Evernote is still leading note taking app, even though windows has its own version called One Note.

Pros: Easy to use; Provides a lot of functions and comfortable search option; Possible to pin notes to start; Uses hashtags for easier search; Well integrated with a lot of platforms;
Cons: Search is not working like in other platform apps;

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