What’s the Most Expensive Windows Phone 7 App?

by WP7S 208 views0

As the Windows Phone 7 operating system began to gain popularity, a lot of mobile app developers started transferring their apps to the platform, while many more started developing exclusive apps for the range of phones.

While many of these apps are free, there are some that clock in at fairly ridiculous prices, the most blatantly expensive of which is the aptly named ‘I’m Rich’ app.

Costing a staggering $499.99, which is the maximum price for an app for a Windows Phone 7, the app offers absolutely nothing to the user beyond displaying messages that tell them that they are rich. Other than that, it offers no functionality and serves no purpose, meaning it is an app that only people who are aiming to have bragging rights should ever be interested in. In fact, the app itself claims that it lets the user do nothing more than waste their own money, making it more of a joke product than anything else.

Unfortunately for those who are interested, the app is now marked as unpublished in the app store so you will probably not be able to find it for yourself.

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