One drive

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One drive is great, cloud based application where you can store all your important files online.
When using several devices or working away from your desktop computer it is important that yours most important files would be in a hands reach. OneDrive gives you this opportunity. It is very comfortable to use if all your devices use windows platform. You can send your files from the Outlook, pin important files to your screen. Also you get ability to share your files with other people; it is very comfortable to share your photos or music.
You have two step verification and powerful Microsoft security for your files to be as safe as possible. You have to have Microsoft account to use it properly. Obviously it tops up competitors with smoothest integration with Microsoft office. It has best photo synchronization and most comfortable sharing. It has great files synchronization option as well, where not all competitors offer this function. When you put some files in your One Drive folder in one of your devices it not only appears in One Note cloud directory, but in all of your devices in One Drive folders. It is really helps you to organize better.

Pros: Good with a lot of clients – Mac, iOS, Windows, Android; Free; Easy to use;
Cons: You have to register Microsoft account;

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