The Top Apps of 2016

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Nobody will deny that apps are great. Likewise, nobody will deny that there are far too many of them either. So to make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a small list of the top apps of 2016. No need to thank us, it’s all in a day’s work.


This app for IOS is simple in name and premise. You link the app to your bank account, and then can use it to receive and send cash directly. PayPal’s app is something similar, but this cuts out the middle man and does it all directly via your bank account. Got a bar tab to split? Easy, just do it via the Cash app to make it quick.


If efficiency is your game, this Android app is going to be heaven for you. So, everybody has a problem with their phone battery. They’re always draining far more than we expect them to, but did you know part of this problem would be unnecessary functions running in the background on your phone? The Greenify app allows you direct control over these processes so you can cut out the ones you don’t need, and save battery power in the process.

Fresh Paint

There are many painting apps available for Windows Phones, but Fresh Paint is something magical. The dedication to making the painting process easy on phones means you can create art easier than ever using an array of digital tools to replicate brush strokes. A keen feature of this app is the ability to blend colours naturally, allowing for a more realistic painting experience.


This app is available anywhere but say for instance this is the IOS version. Getting a ride has never been easy than with an Uber. Just enable the GPS on your phone, type in your desired destination, and then order the Uber. You’re given a cost for the journey upfront, and can pay directly via your bank account or PayPal. No more fumbling for change to pay the taxi driver. The rating system is also helpful for identifying good drivers, but be aware, they can rate you as a passenger.

Opera Max

We’re always fretting over our data allowances while browsing the web. That’s where this Android app comes in. This iteration of the Opera web browser is designed to load pages faster and cleaner by cutting away superfluous web design elements, and compressing images and video. If you’re keen to keep up your browsing without busting your data limit cap, consider switching to this app.

Halo: Spartan Strike

Phone games are the preserve of the easily bored, or those with long commutes home. Unfortunately, most of these phone games are too shallow to enjoy. That’s where this Windows Phone app shines. It brings a sophisticated top-down shooter experience to phones and tablets in a way it’s never been before. It’s a lot of fun, but don’t buy the in-app purchases, they’re unnecessary to enjoy yourself.

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