Top Windows Phone Apps in 2016

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So you’ve got that brand new Windows Phone, but you’re stuck for apps to fill it with. Whether you’re looking for something to make your lifestyle a little easier, something to play with on the train home, or an app that makes full use of the hardware in your pocket, you’ll find something for you on this list.


Drawboard PDF


We start this list of 2016’s best and brightest Windows Phone apps with Drawboard PDF. If you’re not dealing much with documents, then this app isn’t too useful for you. That said, many of us have to handle documents professionally and personally. This app allows you to use the touchscreen of your Windows phone to mark up the PDF, meaning you can make handwritten annotations without lugging around folders and files full of documents.


As a productivity tool, it’s invaluable.


Code Writer


Not many people would consider writing computer code through their phone, but this app makes it incredibly easy to write code on the go in up to twenty different coding languages. The app supports Python, JavaScript, HTML, and even C++, so regardless of the type of coding project you’re working on you’ll find these mainstream coding languages fully supported. An easy to use tab interface makes writing the code a lot easier than you’d think it would be on a phone.




This one is a classic, and deserves to be on this list as the premiere communication app on Windows phones. With a user-friendly touch interface and options for importing contacts from your desktop Skype account, you’ll be getting started in minutes after downloading the app.


It might go without saying, but I’ll just reiterate that the Skype app features video and audio chat functions, as well as a basic text chat system. You can also send and receive files via Skype, and is indistinguishable in form and function from the desktop version.




Those long commutes are terrifyingly dull, so why not put your Windows phone to good use with the Netflix app? Just log in as you would on any other version, and watch to your heart’s content using local wifi or using 4G. Make sure you’re aware of your bandwidth caps, though, you don’t want to accidentally rack up a bill by going over the data allowance on your phone plan.


It might also be a good idea to invest in a portable charger and a good set of earphones. You don’t want your phone going dead in the middle of a show, or subjecting everybody else in the local vicinity to your watching choices.


TuneIn Radio


We’ve already covered the commute, but what about if you’re walking somewhere? You could always load a podcast, but how about tuning into the radio instead? You can listen to all your favourite stations digitally via the internet, so whether you’re looking to listen in to sports coverage, or check out the music top 50; you can get them all via this app.  


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