Windows 7 Dragon Play Slots Review

by WP7S 35 views0

This is considered one of the best slot machine games on the Windows 7 phone, with a proud heritage and a wide range of choice of games.

Fast moving and sleek, with even a half decent phone you’ll find there is little in the way of lag here, though some of the games are slow by design. It is fully customisable with your own avatar, adding that personal touch. There is also a useful messaging system to contact other players, though this is less social than you’d think, it’s best for contacting friends who play too.

At first, there were no bonuses to playing so players had little incentive to keep them coming back once the boredom sets in. Recently though, they’ve added daily coins to make it worthwhile.

It is, essentially, just a large choice of slot games but it also has some mini games to add variety but they are not a huge variation. If that is all you wanted, then you will find plenty to entertain you. Otherwise, you may seek other entertainment forms to keep you occupied.

Certainly one of the better slot machine games available on the Windows phone! 8.5/10

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