Casino Heroes

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Casino Heroes

Create your own casino hero and embark on a slot spinning adventure that makes most other experiences seem unimaginative.

It only takes a quick glance at Casino Heroes to realize that you have come to a slot player’s paradise. Forget beige menus and dream away in the adventure among casino heroes and dragons. We call it love at first sight.

  • 500 free spins in conjunction with the first deposit
  • More than just a normal mobile casino – a full casino adventure
  • Create your own personal casino hero and show everyone where you go

Casino Heroes mobile phone casino

Playing casino on mobile phones is becoming more and more standard today. Not all casinos manage to adapt to becoming mobile casinos, but Casino Heroes has managed the transition very well. Casino Heroes is not like any other mobile casinos but has established a completely new concept that brings much more to you as a player. You can play slots on your smart phone for free if you take advantage of their welcome offer and get mobile casino bonuses in the same way as any other Casino Heroes member.

Casino Heroes on Windows Phone

Casino Heroes uses technology that is fully compatible with Windows Phone 7 and 8. If you upgrade to Windows Phone 10, you also be able to continue your casino adventure without any problems.

Casino Heroes on Android

The games at Casino Heroes works almost perfect on Android. Android is a common operating system, and Casino Heroes has adapted its casino so that all Android mobiles can enjoy (almost) exactly the same casino experience as computer users. You download the app and then just play.

Casino Heroes on iPhone & iPad

Also iPhone and iPad have a dedicated casino app that is specifically developed for Casino Heroes. It lets you play all Netent games at Casino Heroes and most other games too. Playing casino on the iPhone and iPad is just as easy as on a computer – you only need to download the dedicated app, and then spin the reels using the touch screen on your iPhone or iPad.

Casino Heroes app

Not all online casinos use apps for mobile gaming but this casino does. The Casino Heroes app for Android and iOS makes it possible to play slots on your mobile device. The vast majority of games are available through the app, and it can be downloaded for free.

Casino Heroes’ unique casino adventure with casino heroes

Casino Heroes has a unique concept of casino adventures and casino heroes that you will not find anywhere else. Instead of limiting itself to being just about casino games, Casino Heroes developed its own casino adventure where you must fight bosses in pursuit of the golden crown. The crown has been stolen by the dragon Betser that has been nasty enough to place the 39 bosses that stand in the way of your journey. The casino adventure unfolds on a lot of small island where you play slots and games to take you to the next boss.

It all resembles the gameplay of classic video games. If you like to combine your passion for all types of gambling, you’ve come to the right place! You are able to create your very own casino hero during the registration process and you can view the progress of other casino heroes. This social aspect creates a sense of community, but also raises the competitive spirit.

Casino Heroes Bonus

Most online casinos have bonuses in some forms, and Casino Heroes is no exception. In general, there are many different types of bonuses. It may involve welcome bonuses for new players (very common), bonuses for special events and incentive bonuses that you get when you complete a certain challenge or achieved certain goals. Casino Heroes gives you a free bonus if you refer a friend to register and make a first deposit – both you and the friend will then be spinning the reels of the slot Starburst 25 times at no additional cost.

The Casino Heroes welcome bonus is for those who just discovered the new casino adventure. The welcome bonus works as a soft landing in order to help you get into the community. See it simply as a first low threshold to step over instead of a high step. Casino Heroes no deposit bonus is an extra nice welcome bonus that lets novice players get something without paying a dime! It’s enough that you open an account, and you get your first bonus automatically.

Casino Heroes bonus code

A bonus code is a number or combination of words that you fill in anywhere in the casino, usually when you register or make a deposit. The effect of the bonus codes vary greatly, but it can involve that you get to spin for free a certain number of times in a particular game or you get extra money to play for. Bonus codes are not that common anymore as more and more casinos choose to give their players bonuses directly without the need to enter codes.

At Casino Heroes the bonus codes as rare as Mount Fuji volcanic eruptions. Instead of betting on bonus codes Casino Heroes have chosen to simply snip off “codes” from the “bonus” so that only “bonus” remains. Simpler and better! If any bonus codes become available, we will of course list them here.

Casino Heroes free spins

Free spins are always welcome because who doesn’t enjoy playing for free money? If you win on your free spins, you get paid out in real money. Casino Heroes offers all new players 500 free spins, which is clearly above average. To get the free spins, you have to deposit at least €200. If you want to start a little calmer, Casino Heroes offers several other choices too. If make a first deposit of €10, you get 25 free spins.

Casino Heroes slot games

There are nearly 300 different slots at Casino Heroes. In addition, there’s a live casino for an authentic feel, roulette, video poker, blackjack and other table games. Most games are from the well-known gaming development company NetEnt, but some time ago games from Microgaming and QuickFire became available.

It’s easy to play at Casino Heroes, but there is room for improvement. Among other things, there’s a lack a powerful filtering function and the ability to see how big the jackpots are without having to start the games.

Did you know?

Casino Heroes started out as “Casino Saga™”. But after intense pressure from hordes of lawyers from King™, the trademark owner of the words Candy™ and Saga™, Casino Heroes caved in and changed their name to Casino Heroes. It may seem weird because the words candy™ and saga™ were names used long before the popular Candy Crush Saga™ mobile game but we’re happy that Casino Heroes spend their time giving us fun mobile games rather than in the court.

Casino Heroes FAQ

How do I register?

First go to Casino Heroes, and then check the top right corner where there is a green button that says “CREATE YOUR CASINO HERO”. Now you just need to fill in username, email and password, and choose your favorite avatar to complete the process. You will also get a free signup bonus at this casino.

How do I get my bonus?

Once you have signed up, you will receive ten free spins as a first bonus. When you make your first real money deposit, you get a different number of free spins depending on how much money you deposited. If you deposit 200 euros, you will get the entire 500 free spins bonus. But even if you deposit a smaller amount, you will still get some free spins.

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