Types of Windows Phone 7 Apps

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When the Windows Phone 7 operating systems was first launched, the app store that came with it was not particularly well-populated. Many developers simply hadn’t had the opportunity to alter their existing apps so they would work on the new operating system, plus it would naturally take time for a development community to spring up around the operating system that would be able to create apps for iOS and Android.

Furthermore, when Windows Phone 7 was released, it was difficult to predict whether Microsoft would be experience any real success in the smartphone market. At the time, they were relatively new and the few phones that sported previous Microsoft operating systems had not make the same sort of impact as the likes of the iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy models.

Social Media

Social media is an enormous part of modern society, so it is unsurprising that most of the big social media sites of the current era have made an app available for Windows Phone 7 devices. While many of these sites can be accessed using the browser that comes with the device, the apps are intended to streamline the whole process and offer a more user-friendly experience as they do. The likes of Facebook and Twitter have maintained apps on the Windows store for a number of years, so it is a good idea to download both if you use their services.

Zune and Xbox Live

Before other developers really started to adopt Windows Phone 7 and recognize it as a legitimate platform on which they could ply their trade, Microsoft had to offer something for early adopters so that they would be encouraged by the functionality of the phone and thus be willing to wait for more apps to be developed over time. The Zune service provides users with access to a wide range of music and video content, some of which is exclusive to the service. It also comes pre-packaged with a number of pieces of content, though these often end up getting replaced in short order.



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