A Look At The Windows 7 Phones

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A Look At The Windows 7 Phones

Compared to Google and Apple, Microsoft are a new player in the smartphone sector. However, the company has managed to gain a small, yet solid, in that small period of time that may well act as a base of future expansion, particularly if they continue to integrate so many of their software packages together.

Here we will take a look at the first ten phones to carry the Windows 7 operating system and how they compare to one another.

HTC 7 Mozart

The Mozart was fairly comparable to the Trophy in many ways, offering a similar screen size and equivalent functionality. It was made exclusively for Orange, which meant it was also available in much more limited quantities. As such, it didn’t quite reach the same levels of popularity as some of the other Windows 7 phones.

Samsung Focus

Samsung quickly followed Omnia with the phone receiving a fairly positive reception when it was first released. It was generally considered to be something of a ‘Jack of all trades’ offering decent quality in every area without really excelling in any of them, but also without failing in any area either.

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