HTC HD7 Windows Phone Review

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Though some will argue that the HTC HD7 Windows Phone was soon superseded by the ‘S’ version that came out a few months later, the phone still has plenty to offer and is of interest simply because it was one of the first Windows Phone 7 cells available on the market.


The HTC HD7 Windows Phone probably stands as the boldest and most attractive of the initial launch line-up, offering a much larger screen that its competitors that will make it the phone of choice for people who want to be able to enjoy browsing the web or watching a movie without having to strain their eyes to get a glimpse of what is actually going on.

The sizable screen passes the 4 inch mark, which is great for visibility but can make the phone feel a little chunkier that some users may prefer. Still, this is balanced out by an excellent build quality that ably demonstrates just why HTC were trusted by Microsoft to make the lion’s share of the Windows Phone 7 line.

If there is a complaint to be made it could be with the responsiveness of the touchscreen. While not bad, by any means, the reaction time appears to be a little slower than we would prefer. This may be a case of the phone struggling to run the operating system, particularly in its formative months, but a stronger and more responsive screen would not go amiss.

The phone also comes with a handy stand that allows you to balance it on a flat surface. This again makes it great for viewing various types of media on it, plus it takes the weight of the phone out of your hands. However, you will need to ensure that the surface used is stable and we wouldn’t recommend using it on a bumpy train ride as the stand itself may not hold.


Despite the slight lack of responsiveness offered by the screen, the phone seems to run Windows 7 as well as any other phone on the market. Of course, this is likely due to the fact that it had to meet a minimum specification requirement simply to run the operating system in the first place, but it is still pretty impressive to see when you’re up close and personal.

The phone is also excellent for those who enjoy a little bit of gaming, with the potential the phone had on launch being backed up by the increasing number of apps that have been made available for Windows Phone 7. Again, you may get a little irritated that the screen doesn’t quite offer the levels of responsiveness that you would like, but it’s a minor quibble that shouldn’t affect your gaming too much.

The phone also offers a solid onscreen keyboard, which makes texting and instant messaging that much easier. Again, the size comes into play here as you won’t struggle as much with hitting the buttons as you would with a smaller phone, but it is still a testament to the design quality of the phone. Couple that we solid speakers and you have a Windows Phone 7 that offers superior performance.


As it was a launch phone, the HTC HD7 Windows Phone doesn’t offer quite as much as you might like in terms of apps straight out of the package, but now that the Windows app store is well and truly up and running this can be remedied rather quickly.

The phone also places more emphasis on its music-playing capacities thanks to how easily it can be linked up to Zune. It really is exceptionally smooth, making it one of the better mobile experiences that we have had with the music app in quite some time.

It also comes complete with a 5 megapixel camera, which is again one of the minimum requirements that Microsoft placed on early adopters of its software. Still, it offers excellent performance and the 16GB of internal memory should be more than enough to store plenty of picture. However, if it isn’t then you are going to run into trouble if you try to expand on it, as there is no way to add an additional SD card. This is remedied somewhat by Microsoft providing access to its cloud storage service, but those who prefer to have a physical store of their pictures may be disappointed.

<strong>The Bottom Line</strong>

The HTC HD7 Windows Phone stands as the best of the first five Windows Phone 7’s, offering everything that you could want from a phone released during that particular period of time. The only slight complaint we might have is the slight lack of responsiveness of the touchscreen, but in truth you are hardly going to notice it once you have the phone up and running. Once the Windows app store got up and running, this phone stood alone as one of the best early adopters, though some will argue that it was later topped by its own S model.

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